Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mistakes that Even Experienced Players Make

Out of all the types of poker players, there is no question that new players make the most mistakes. However, this does not mean that experienced players are immune from making mistakes. Although most experienced players won't make the same mistakes that new players commonly make, they often make their own unique mistakes. So, even if you have been playing the game of poker for quite some time, there are probably still areas of your game that you can improve. Here's a look at some of the most common mistakes that experienced players make while they are playing poker:

Failing to Pay Attention to the Game: When players are new, they are extremely excited every time that they sit down at the poker table. However, as players gain more and more experience, it takes more intense situations for a player to get really excited during a game. Therefore, since experienced players have played in more games than they can count, it is quite easy for them to drift off during a game and not give the table their full attention. Even though this mistake may not mean the difference between winning and losing, you would be surprised at how much you can improve just by paying attention at all times to what's happening.

Letting a Losing Streak Continue: Even though you may be experienced, there will be days when you simply can't avoid a few bad games. However, it's important to pick yourself up and focus on the next game. Too many experienced players let a couple of loses get inside their heads and impact their future games.

Betting Excessively at New Games: While you may have mastered a specific type of poker, when you start learning a new game, check your ego at the door and avoid going over the top with your betting. Although it's tempting to go full steam into a game, your bank account will thank you for keeping your ego and experience in check and focusing on learning.


Amrendra Kumar Singh said...

yes i m agree with your suggestion. new players should keep more patience and do bet in freakish way.