Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WSOP Guide to the November Nine (Part Three)

Seat Five: Darus Suharto
Chip Count: 12,520,000

Born in 1969, Darus Suharto is the other playing that will be representing Canada at the final table. A resident of Toronto, Canada, Suharto made it into this year's World Series of Poker through a six hundred and fifty dollar satellite.

Suharto has been playing poker on a consistent and serious basis since 2005. Although he didn't take home any money from the WSOP last year, in 2006, Suharto earned just over twenty-six thousand dollars by finishing four hundred and forty-eighth in the tournament.

Seat Six: David "Chino" Rheem
Chip Count: 10,230,000

Nicknamed Chino, David Rheem has had quite a lucrative poker career since his first major tournament in 2005. Over the last three years, Rheem has taken home just short of six hundred thousand dollars in prize money.

As a result of a warrant for his arrest that was issued several years ago, there is some speculation that Rheem could be arrested during the final of the WSOP. However, the man from Miami, Florida doesn't seem to be letting any of these potential issues interfere with his trip to the final table in November.

Seat Seven: Ivan Demidov
Chip Count: 24,400,000

Born in 1981, when Ivan Demidov arrives at the final table in November, he will have the second largest amount of chips in front of him. Demidov, who is from Moscow, Russia, began playing poker at the beginning of 2006. In addition to skiing and scuba diving, Demidov found time to place 11th at a WSOP event several weeks ago and earn himself just under forty thousand dollars.

Seat Eight: Kelly Kim
Chip Count: 2,620,000

With just over two and a half million chips, Kelly Kim will sit down at the final table with the shortest stack of chips. However, with over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in career winnings, this California resident may have enough skill to outlast his opponents, regardless of their larger stacks.

Seat Nine: Peter Eastgate
Chip Count: 18,375,000

A resident of Odense, Denmark, Peter Eastgate was the man responsible for knocking Tiffany Michelle (the last woman in the tournament) out of the Main Event in seventeenth place. Although he's young, Eastgate pocketed over eighty thousand dollars during the Scandinavian Open in February of this year.

Now that you have been introduced to the nine men who will sit down at the WSOP Final Table, all you have to do is wait until November comes around and the action resumes!


gtycoon said...

It would be interesting if David "Chino" Rheem was arrested just as he attempted to sit down at the final table.

You would think he would try to settle the issue before November to see what he could work out, just in case they are waiting for him come November.