Friday, July 18, 2008

Why does Phil Hellmuth always cry when he gets beat at poker?

Hellmuth is a brilliant man, like his style of play/personality or not he is undeniably the most brilliant man in poker. To keep up the "poker brat" personality as well as the tight passive play and continue to win most times he plays cash games is very impressive.

He owns or is sponsored by UB, proplayer energy drink, He sells hats, t shirts, and other gear as well as the black belt poker series and other training videos. Every time you see a fit, sponsors see a billboard screaming look at me. The man is like every one else on the face of the earth, he is coin operated and hes one of the best.

From a poker enthusiasts point of view, I do enjoy the blow ups.Its fun to see what hes going to do or say next. Its entertainment. If you have the poker after dark with Phil and Sam Grizzle, its some of the funniest poker on TV.


gtycoon said...

Phil Hellmuth is there to entertain. He was able to get out of the penalty at this year's WSOP by saying something to the effect of 'he was just keeping up his poker brat image'.

A lot of people watch to see Phil get beat AND go on his tantrum rampage.

I am like you, I enjoy watching the blow-ups too.