Monday, July 14, 2008

If You're a Beginner, Avoid Making these Mistakes!

Not being able to fold good hands

If you got a confused look on your face when you read "not being able to fold good hands," you just proved that you are a beginning poker player. For beginning poker players, if they are dealt a pair of Queens, they will bet big and go all the way to the end with their hand. Although a pair of Queens may be a good hand, you have to also take into account the flop. If the flop contains Kings or Aces, you may not be holding that great a hand. A mature poker player is able to analyze the situation in front of them, without letting the excitement of being dealt a potentially strong hand cloud their judgment.

Being overly timid

In many cases, beginners perform poorly because they are overly excited to play a strong hand, which results in them being wiped out by a more experienced opponent. However, there are situations where a beginner may feel overly timid, and as a result, you will be unable to maintain the strength it takes to finish and win a difficult hand.

Bluffing too often

For the novice poker player, bluffing can seem like a fun way to take money from your opponents even when you are not holding a good hand. Unfortunately, there is more to bluffing than simply tricking your opponent and winning a huge hand. Bluffing takes experience, knowledge and skill, and if you are lacking any of these, not only will you end up ruining hands through your bluffing, but you will also become an easy target for your opponents.

Playing every hand

If you are dealt a bad hand, just fold it. You can waste a lot of chips calling blinds before the flop if you refuse to hold hands that shouldn't be played. Although you're excited to play, it's important to use discretion and only play hands worth betting on.


gtycoon said...

Being able to know when to fold the big hand is when you know you're playing great poker.

Beginners also make the mistakes of betting too much or not betting enough. Some will have the nuts and then scare away others with too large a bet instead of trying to milk as much as possible.