Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Heads up Poker tips

The best way to win in heads up poker is by playing it aggressively. Most of the time, those who are first timers in this game are easily beaten by those who are professional and aggressive. In order for your opponents to look at every flop, it is necessary that you let them pay. Do not let other players catch your cards because you may lose lots of hands. The professionals in playing the heads up poker usually say that their cards are not the basis of their game. Take advantage to those players whom you think are weak.

Another thing that you can consider when playing Heads up poker is bluffing. Act as if you have the best hand with you. On the one hand, you also have to read if other players are also playing tricks on you. They might have the flush but you just have to do the bluffing. Keep in mind that placing the right bet is very important. However, this strategy is very dangerous because in the game of poker, it is hard to know whether or not your opponent has the best hand.

Next tip that can help you is by computing the outs and odds in heads up Texas holdem poker. The cards that are left in the deck, or outs, are the ones that will complete your hand. When you already have two clubs with you and another two on the board, that means that you only need one more card for flush, you then have 9 outs. You can compute it by subtracting the number of clubs from the total number of it.

Lastly, you also have to consider the pot odds. It is the ratio of the size and bet of the pot. You can call a bet if your pot odds are lesser than your hand odds.


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There is no way of saying your first attempt will be perfect in playing poker, but if you stick with things you should be able to reach your goals in the end. And remember, a strategy is something that every beginner must have. If you skip this step in the start up process you will end up having to go back sooner rather than later.