Monday, February 4, 2008

Few Tips To Succeed At Online Poker

Those People who chosen to play online poker need to know some important tips. Just because you have won one tournament or won some bucks, does not mean you will keep winning money and have same luck. It is a little harder to play online poker because you can't really say who is bluffing and who is not, because you can not see their face and body language. so here is some tips, to become a good online poker player.

Start from Small:
You just do not want to throw yourself in a large tournament with experienced player.
so start playing small tournament or cash game, so you can adjust your game and know how to react and when to fold. once your confidence goes up , you can move to next level. This is the way you can always improve your game.

Working on a Strong Hand:
Lots of people play lose online poker because they mostly have weak hands. A good way to avoid this is wait for good cards, then you can go ahead and play. Make sure when you play strong hands, try to guess what other players are faring and know when to fold. Sometimes you have to fold Strong hands. then do fold. if you need to fold a weaker hand, then you should fold before you bet more, and lose as much less as possible.

Learn to find the Flop:
As you know, online poker is so fast, so you have to make sure that you can quickly able to find the flop and what could be the best hand for that. so you will able to see which opponents hit the flop and who missed it. some experienced player says sit out for few hands and read the player before you get into the game. so you know who are the fish and who are tight player.

Bet what you can Afford:
This is very important for online poker players, thats means you only sit with 20% of your bankroll. some player sit with all money and lose within few hands. and they deposit again and lose again. It is best to stop playing before you lose more money. Always make sure, If you cant afford, Do not play. You don't want to use the money you would pay the rent.


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