Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mansion Poker launches new loyalty program

Mansion Poker has launched a new VIP loyalty club this week to reward the site players, who play poker at Mansion regularly. It is point system which will benefits poker player for more prize, exclusive promotion, bonus and special vip rewards include freerolls tournament.

How it works? Every cash game and tournament a mansion poker member takes part will earn them VIP poker points, and it will be calculated monthly and grade a player to five VIP classes.

* Green 0 - 15,999
* Silver 1600- 49,999
* Gold 50,000 - 149,999
* Platinum 150,000 - 249,000
* Black 250,000

When a new member play any real money poker hand, he will become a VIP loyalty club member. when you start you will be in Green VIP level, then slowly you will move up, the more you play more you can earn points.

Each week player can check their stats of VIP club points. for more information you can visit Mansion poker.