Sunday, January 20, 2008

Full tilt Poker Player nGuo

When i'm bored i love to watch other people play, so i been watching this guy nGuo last 3 weeks, he plays poker at full tilt poker room. He mostly plays at Sit n go buy in $110+$9 Turbo 9 players. i saw him playing about 3 or 4 times and most of time he managed to get top 3. you may thinking well, if i play i will be in top 3 place, but he plays a little different then like i do or most online players do, how? here is a little example. while i was watching him playing tournament, he usually sit and don't wait for good cards, he does bluff very well. remember? if you want to win a tournament, you have to bluff very well, caz you will not get good card always, also i have notice he does not bet that often. but mostly i see him playing with QQ, AK probabaly his favourite hand.

Here is an example of his bluffing while he was palying $110+$9 turbo table.

However when he play cash table, he plays a lilttle different there, he doesn't usually bluff that much, he always plays strong hand and raise. i saw him last night sitting with $200 ans finish up $468 in an hour. thats is really awesome.

Here is a screen shot , that he got 2nd place of turbo game:

so if you follow this kind of play, i think you can really make some good money on poker. you will find him Sit n go tournament, and $1-$2 NL and $0.50-$1.00 table.

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