Monday, October 8, 2007

The Biggest Online Poker Mistakes Beginners Make

Online Poker allows many players worldwide, the luxury of playing Poker, even if they don't have a casino nearby. Thousands of players log on every day and night with the hopes of becoming the next WSOP Bracelet Winner, or WPT Champion.

When deciding to enter the world of Online Poker, there are a number of things you should know, some of which can mean the difference between winning big, and re-depositing.

Game selection is of paramount importance if you are going to make money at Online Poker. The ability to scan hundreds of games at the limit you are looking to play at, allows you to sit in the game that allows you the best possible chance of winning.

Having a big enough Bankroll for the limits you want to play is also of extreme importance. Too many players when starting out, will win some, and immediately move up in limits. Most of these players end up broke faster than they can say "reload".

Don't play too many tables. Many players think that if they can win at a certain level, that they can win twice or three times as much if they add 1 or two tables. I have news for them: Your win rate does not multiply by the amount of tables you play. If you are a winning player at a certain level, drop down a level and add another table gradually.

Don't screw around. During a poker game you should onlly be focusing on the task at hand--Playing Poker. Don't check email, surf the internet, watch TV, etc. Your money is on the table. Pay attention to it. In times when you are not involved in a hand, take notes on your opponents. You will greatly benefit from it.

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