Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Shannon Elizabeth is addicted to poker!

'American Pie' star Shannon Elizabeth's addiction of playing cards is beginning to take over her life, so much so that playing poker has become her 'second career'.

She recently revealed that she is so hooked on to poker that she travels to Las Vegas, Nevada almost three times a month to play with America's top card masters.

"I have become addicted to poker. I am in Las Vegas two or three times a month these days, playing every other night sometimes. Poker has become my second career", Contactmusic quoted her, as telling the Blender magazine.

Elizabeth who has become one of the leading celebrity poker players and has won few striking victories at the card table, once walked away from a card game with 57,747 dollars.

Her stunning looks seem to act as her lucky charm to win the game; for she admitted that sometimes she likes to use her feminine charm to distract the attention of the male players.

"A lot of men get lost in their cards if you introduce a decent distraction", she added.


Anonymous said...

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